An authentic Christ centric community is marked by the Love of Jesus, and the desire to see the treasure He has hidden in everyone made in His image and likeness.



Service Times:

Main Worship Gathering:  Sunday Morning 10:30am

School of Ministry:  Sunday Night 6-9pm and Tuesday Night 6:30pm

The Gathering:  Friday Night 7pm

We Are:

We are a community of believers, in love with Jesus, who wants to see God’s Glory revealed in Austin. We believe that His Kingdom, power, and glory reside within every believer. As we behold the glory of God, we shine and become more like Him. Then He can be life and freedom through us to all people.

Come experience this for yourself. Come worship God with us.

What To Expect:

Expect Love:  God is literal, true, eternal, authentic Love. As we spend more time with Him, we become more like Him, and can love people the way He does. When you come to Cathedral of Praise, you become part of a family – the Father’s Family. It is this loving, family spirit that makes Cathedral of Praise a wonderful place to grow and serve God.  We are committed to the Biblically stated reality that the overall pervasive nature of God is Love.  1 John 4:8

Expect Spirit-Led Worship:  We were created to be united with God in worship. It is through worship that we let go of the things that can drag us down, and take hold of the One who can lift us up. Here, we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide the direction of worship. All our individual expressions of worship are brought together corporately, and we unify to worship our God.  Freedom and honor flow together in a beautiful mosaic of liberty.  As one first time visitor stated, “This is beautiful.  Everyone is doing their own thing, but they’re all together.”

Expect a Word from God:  God still speaks to — and through – His people.  In John 16:12, Jesus states that He desires to share so much with the disciples, but at that moment of hearing, they’re not equipped to bear it.  The empowering of the Holy Spirit within the church fortifies them and us to receive the “more” that’s on His heart to release.  It’s not adding to the Scriptures, but rather a clarifying and unveiling of all that has been hidden for us and not from us.  At Cathedral of Praise, you’ll be challeged and ignited by the Word of God. You’ll be equipped and empowered to take what God speaks, and share it outside the church walls, releasing the life from within you to affect the world around you.

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